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Don’t Let the CFA Exams Make You Lose Perspective

AdminAdmin Posts: 10 Sr Associate
edited February 6 in 300 Hours

imageDon’t Let the CFA Exams Make You Lose Perspective

By Marc Coward Back in May 2013, I wrote  this post for 300 Hours entitled “CFA = Children and Family Abandoned.”   At the time, I had two young children (I now have three) and I was bemoaning...

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  • jasdevjasdev LondonPosts: 23 Associate
    Beautiful post, very touching. I thank you for reminding us it's important to keep a little perspective.
  • MarcAlex01MarcAlex01 Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 3 Associate
    A beautiful, raw & honest look at your experience, Marc. Thank you for sharing the reality of your life these past few years! Really sorry to read that you are now separated and seeing a lot less of your children; I feel for you.
    I read your 'CFA = Children & Family Abandoned' post a few months back and it really did make me think. I very much relate to your story - my life is in a similar stage with 2 young children (with our second starting school just this past week!).
    I haven't yet begun CFA studies, though am seriously contemplating this course. Would require switching out of a Masters in Applied Finance, so we'll see.
    Best wishes for 2017 - keep your chin up, don't beat yourself up!
    Marc in Melbourne Australia
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