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Schweser Practice Exams - Increasingly More Difficult

Hi -

I wanted to see if anyone else shares the same "theory" re: the Schweser practice exams. Thus far, I've taken their first three practice exams (i.e. Volume 1) - and I have gotten the following scores:

Exam 1 Morning: 82.5%
Exam 1 Afternoon: 72.5%
Exam 2 Morning: 78.33%
Exam 2 Afternoon: 79.17%
Exam 3 Morning: 74.17% (...I genuinely felt that this exam was much harder than the previous ones)
Exam 3 Afternoon: 72.5% (ditto)

Is it just me? Or did Kaplan organize practice exams in the order of difficulty (i.e. practice exams get increasingly more difficult)

Otherwise, am I getting worse?....I take one full exam per weekend, and I'm looking to drive hard over the Thanksgiving weekend and the week after leading up to December 7th...


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