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Study Plan

I read the Level 3 commandments, and some other postings about lv 3 exam, but, I think CFA exam takes 6 months, not 6 hours. So, I'm just hoping for some tips/advise for the next 6 months. If you're in my (or our) shoes, what would you do?

I plan to read the CFAI books cover to cover, start the practice exams in May and kill the exam in June. This is my first week and I plan to start with the math readings (fixed income, derivatives, etc), before moving to conceptual readings (ethics, etc). It worked during level 2, but, based on Christine's warnings and Sophie's exam fiasco, seems like we need a different approach for studying for level 3? Should we do more practice essays in advance?

What materials would you use? When would you do the practice essays (weekly?/monthly?/just in May?) Where would you get the practice essays from?

Thanks in advance guys!


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