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Worried about my pace ...

Hello Guys,

I am really worried about my pace of study.

I have finished Ethics and doing my quants now. I am still going though study session 2, and still have session 3 to finish. I am sure all among those who started in mid Jan would be far ahead of me. I am worried about my study style. What I observed is, I read both Schewser and CFA material so far and wasted lot of time. I just have to trust Schewser notes blindly as I do not have time to look elsewhere.

When I last checked in study plan, I am at least a week or 2 behind the plan. That worries me. I am sure I still have not started any real challenging topics.

Now I have realised my mistake and I know it does not look good, but want to know how bad it is?

A bitter pill of reality check may help me, so please leave comments for me.



  • @shreeneewas I wouldn't worry to much right now. I got really far behind in my reading for Level 1. Personally I would trust schweser, that is all I used and read. I used the CFAI books just for the eoc concept checkers. I think you are doing pretty good now, and you will be able to catch up now that you won't be re-reading the same thing twice. Just keep chugging along and do some mock exams in may to review everything and you should be fine.
  • @Dr_Pain28: I don't want to give up but did not want to pursue a futile attempt - hence my question.
    So thanks for your support.
  • @snreeneewas you are quite welcome. That's what this forum is all about. If you have any more questions concerning the test or material just post them and everyone here is really great about trying to help out.
  • Yup agree with @Dr_Pain28 here. Reading 2 books is a waste of time, pick one source, don't worry about it. Schweser is reliable and you can use that exclusively. It's good that you spot it early (that you're behind schedule) and take remedial actions now. I believe you can catch up so no worries there, still early in the process.
  • @ Dr_Pain28
    Dr_Pain28 said:

    everyone here is really great about trying to help out

    +1, Yes, everyone is supportive and replies to even smallest of issues/problems, which helps immensely.

    @Maroon5 - Yes, I am hoping that this is early enough for remedial actions. Next 2 weeks are really crucial in order to set pace for next 4 months of studies. So Thank you are your comments.
  • I'm just using the CFAI material to study, but with the benefit of hindsight would have just worked of Schweser.
    In my opinion the CFA material is just way too much to read, concentrate on, and absorb within a 3-4 month timeframe (assuming working full-time, and allowing 1 month+ to focus on tests).

    I figure that if you can study Schweser and still score well on the CFA EOC questions, then you should be on track. I have found that some of the CFAI material is difficult to understand if it's a subject you haven't studied before, to the extent that I have used Google to find easier explanations of some concepts/calculations.

    Come Level 2, I will definitely be using a third-party service, such as Schweser
  • @shreeneewas my initial plan was to study from both the books but then I took one look at quants in the CFAi books and i knew it was just not for me. The material is way too comprehensive and there is way less time. You need to plan your time always by thinking how much time do i need to do questions and not how much time will i spend on the theory cos for me even if i spend days on a topic the next day i am completely blank unless i do the questions. ultimately this is a numerical paper and you need to prepare according to that. if you actually do the questions, they will help you retain the theory. Quants is just the start. I have actually done hedging, options, financial analysis and all the other really fun stuff (i am being really sarcastic here) in ACCA so I know it's going to get really tuff. So what you need to do is really pick up the pace. Stick with the Schweser and if you have any doubts about a topic, then read the explanation in the CFAi books. Leave a lot of time in the end for questions. That's the most important bit here and good luck!
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