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When should one solve questions from QBank ?

shreeneewasshreeneewas LondonPosts: 37 Associate
edited February 2014 in CFA Level I
Hello All,

When do you solve problems from QBank ? So far I am solving EOC from schewser and CFAI.

But have not touched QBank yet. I am thinking solving QBank when I start revision and in between mock tests.

Would that be wise ? Is that what is recommended ?


  • I'm doing them as I go along. You can tune them to cover only topics that you've studied so far.
  • Right now Im just reading through the material at a pretty fast past and taking extensive notes. Then once I'm done reading I'm going to do tons of qbank questions to see what I need to review more.
  • @shreeneewas, I think anything works really. Qbank is the extra bonus practice you get. I suggest focusing on doing just a few at the end of each chapter (but not too much), as the focus is to finish revising your material first, then head to the practice questions. Even if you leave it till the last month with the practice paper, it should be more than enough time. So it's quite flexible to what works best for you as the qbank questions are extra practice in my view, but you should remember to finish your revision properly on time!
  • @Maroon5 - yes I guess I am going to follow the method you explained. Finishing course content is most important and level of exposure to QBank can be adjusted depending upon left over time.

    Thanks @Dr_Pain28 @tacheman @Maroon5 - for comments and guidance.
  • @shreeneewas: dude my first advice to you would be to loosen up a little. You seem so stressed out about how and what everyone else is doing and when to do what, man i am surprised you actually manage to concentrate on your studies. So cut yourself some slack you know. Everyone has their own pace and techniques that work for them. I would recommend practice a decent amount of questions associated with a study session so that that topic stays with you. As you know there a lot of formulas so the questions will help you with applying and remembering them. You can really have a go at the questions once you are done with studying but do practice a fair amount alongside. And relax a little dude. There is time. There really is at this point :)>-
  • @CFAcharterwannabe - yes that indeed is true.

    I need to handle few things head on, like studying formally after so many years and even more the fear of failing. Accept my own pace and prepare myself of all possible of results (this bit is hardest)

    I am enjoying studies because finally I am learning something new (i.e. not related to IT... every field gets boring after a decade of working in it ... though it pays so well)

    So thanks my friend for reminding me that I need to enjoy this experience.
  • @shreeneewas glad I could help in any way. I know the studying gets tuff. Its always easier to give advice than follow it. I am majorly freaked out all the time myself. There is so much to do and so little time and I feel inadequate most of the time. But then, on the other hand I have been granted a unique opportunity out of thousands of people and thank God for that. So I tell myself to just suck it up and march forward no matter what. Its amazing what I am learning everyday. So just be patient, live in the moment and forget the future.
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