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Essay Item sets, variables used.

Hi guys,

Quick question, hopefully someone who has written level 3 already would know.

When using various finance formulas, I have my own set variables I use, rather than those from the book. Take the CAPM for example:

The book will state: Ri = Rf + Bi(RM - Rf)
I would write: E(Rpo) = rf + B( E(Rm) - rf)

Where E(Rpo)= Expected return of Portfolio
rf = risk free interest
B = Beta
E(Rm) = Expected return of market

During the Essay Item sets, I will be using formulas to answer the questions, my instinct will be to use my variables and not theirs; I will still yield the same formula and answer, but not with their variables - do you think they will deduct points and not accept my formula? Or do I need to learn their variables for each formula, rather than my own.

The only reason I do this is because of how I originally learned the formulas - I have never switched over the last two cfa levels.

If anyone can help that would be great,


Ashkan Shoja-Nia


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