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Question of the Week - Ethics

exam_whizexam_whiz IllinoisPosts: 68 Sr Associate
edited April 2014 in Level 1 Questions
Ronald Pitt manages equity portfolios for a group of high net-worth individuals. His friend, a rich businessman, also has his portfolio managed by Ronald. Ronald learns of a security recommended as ‘buy’ by his company’s research team. Ronald thoroughly reads the detailed report and concludes that the recommended stock is worth buying. He first buys the stock for his friend and then goes on to buy the stock for other client accounts. Which of the following statements relating to violation of CFA Institute Standards of Professional Conduct is most likely true?

Question of the Week - Ethics 46 votes

Ronald violates standard V(A), Diligence and Reasonable Basis
mikeyPranav 2 votes
Ronald violates standard III (B), Fair Dealing
GeorgeKopralu14wasi99sirdadMattWiensJenniferDBO2424bahihajJReezy321Danilodeutschswoosh617leeblevyRoyDProsper0Hmelendezanil_rmaboi_1dajmsatchwellkrishTaTeemo 42 votes
Ronald violates both standards V(A) and III (B)
cfanewbieRishabh_jain 2 votes


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