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Flexible Career Path?

Is CFA the pathway to Asset Management for you? Or do you think CFA has also made you look at various potential finance careers, which you would be open to pursuing in the future? Also mention why.

Flexible Career Path? 21 votes

Definitely Asset Management! I always wanted to be a Portfolio Manager.
artyeaselSarahDollarsToDonutsLagarta 4 votes
Not Asset Management. I am just in it for the Finance Knowledge and open to other careers.
ZeechristineSophieSnippyabhicfa[Deleted User]Tedk12 7 votes
I like Asset Management. But I would like to keep my options open and explore other careers in Finance.
tachemanhairyfairypolicedogmikeyjimmygjames010AjFinancesankrutimehtaimdnextbuffetum333 10 votes


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