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Any tips / advices for a mother with kids????

Hi there everyone....esp. the mothers with kids (who might be doing or done with CFA) !!!

Can anyone give me any tips or advices on how to handle CFA alongwith 2 kids (1 is 2 yrs old and other is only 8 mths) ??? i intend to start off with Level1 as soon as i can but looking at the materials have really made me lose my faith in achieving it 8-| . Recently i have quit my job as it was getting too much to handle. Soon in an year or so i would want to hit back the job market but before that i want to have to something in my hand in order to fill the career gap which i would be having over the years. And also age/time is a factor as i am not getting any younger!

So plz any kind of tips or advices or study techniques/plans might give a boost to my confidence.

Thanks in advance :-)

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  • @mattyc‌ : Thanks a lot for your motivating words. Well my husband works on shifts and there is nobody else at home to take care of the kids if am away. Maybe I'll have to either sleep late after the kids have fallen asleep or get up early before they do inorder to study. I guess this way I would require more time than others.

    And you are absolutely right about what you said in your last para. The very reason I want to pursue CFA not 'cause I want to climb up the career ladder but also to grow financially.

    I wish you all the luck for your upcoming exam. :-)
  • ronan188ronan188 DublinPosts: 2 Associate
    I'm in the same boat as @Mattyc, have a yound daughter 7 months old and attempting Level II. I've found it incredibly hard to devote the required time to study, particularly on the weekends when all you really want to do is be a parent but you know you need to study. My guilt has been too strong to stay late everynight and I find myself getting in for 7am and doing 1.5hours in the morning, trying to do 45 minutes through lunch and doing another 1.5hours at night when my wife and daughter are in bed. The only problem is that CFA, Level II in particular requires long stints of time to make much progress, you really need to give it 3 - 4 hours at a go and you can make good head way on the material. As a result I am staring down the barrel of not having even been through the full course yet (Still Derviative and PM to go) so it is unlikely, but not impossible that I will do enough to pass.

    In summary my advise is that it is doable but you have to make a call that CFA study is as important as parenting, which to date I haven't been able to swallow!!! Anyway its not over yet 2 big weeks to go anything could happen
  • mitch895mitch895 AustraliaPosts: 125 Jr Portfolio Manager
    @Muneera - are you planning on returning to work in finance / investments?

    If not, bear in mind that outside of the investment world the CFA designation doesn't pull that much weight (especially compared to the time invested in it!!!!). Honestly, if you're looking at filling a gap on your CV and you're not moving into the investment/analysis space, I'd be looking at something like an MBA as it's more widely recognised and more evenly distributed across mini-milestones.

    But that said, if it's the CFA you want to do (and if you have some finance background) then I'd say go for it! It's a great challenge and (for those in the business) it's a mark of determination!
  • @mitch895: Hi there...Yes i do intend to work in finance/investment field in future as i have done BBA with major in fin.&acc. and also got some FOREX market trading exposure (though my last job had nothing to do with finance). I did think about MBA long before but then some how it never interested me. I always wanted to work on analysis basis stuff in finance field from the time i have had graduated but yes as u said i would also want to fill up the gap on my CV.:-)

    I just hope i am on the right path as at times i do question my decision. :-/
  • @ronan188- Hey there! thank u for your advice and insight. All the best for your upcoming exam. :-bd
  • @TripleL- Oh you dont know what a relief it is to find out that you are not all alone in this venture #:-S ...but there are few more like you!:D ...i was almost losing my faith in it ! thank you for not losing it've made a mental note of all you suggested. i hope i can work on it sooner! thanks a lot! :)
  • mitch895mitch895 AustraliaPosts: 125 Jr Portfolio Manager
    I'd say go for it, but don't beat yourself up if you don't make a clean-sweep of the exams! Good luck :)
  • mini1216mini1216 DubaiPosts: 1 Associate
    @Muneera‌ , I am in a similar boat as you although I have a 4 month old to take care of. Have you a final decision yet? I am still in the midst of creating a realistic study plan and would love some insights from you and from other people here. Daycare is not an option for me and my husband can only pitch in over the weekends. I am thinking of clocking in two hours of studying time with an additional 30 mins of revision time every day until about a month and a half before the exam. Does that sound reasonable?
  • @mini1216: hey there...yes I've decided to pursue it. Lets see how it goes. Your study plan sounds fine to me as i plan to do the same minus the revision part though as i've not thought about it yet. I've decided to have a quick preview of the full syllabus in 3-5 months time and then again go through it along with the EOC questions. And yes, as like you, I'm also gonna test it till am sure this will work out for me.

    So when do you plan to sit for the exam? I'm planning for June'15. I see that your from Dubai. As am from UAE too, maybe we can create a study group if that's ok with you. Do let me know or you can PM me.
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