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Mock exam references

I am taking the mock exams on the CFAI website. I would guess that the reading reference in the answers would be in the curriculum, but it doesn't make sense to me. Here is one for example:

2014 CFA Level I
"Aggregate Output, Prices, and Economic Growth," by Paul R. Kutasovic and Richard G. Fritz
Section 2.1.2

Does anybody know how I can reconcile that to the section of the curriculum, or is it someplace else?


  • mitch895mitch895 AustraliaPosts: 125 Jr Portfolio Manager
    edited May 2014
    In this case you would be looking at the Economics book, then the reading "Aggregate Output, Prices & Economic Growth" (which in this case is Reading 17)…..then within this Reading you will note that it is broken into sections….go to section 2 (in this reading it starts on page 208, titled "Aggregate Output and Income")….then the ".1.2" refers to sections within this section of the reading… In this case the part you are looking for is section 2.1.2, which starts on page 214 (Nominal and Real GDP).
  • ensenmasonensenmason Los AngelesPosts: 38 Associate
    Thanks. That seems to work. Just takes a bit of extra hunting. Good stuff - the CFAI sample questions. Just wish there was more of them.
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