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Why I Never Give Up in the Face Of Failure

edited June 2014 in 300 Hours

imageWhy I Never Give Up in the Face Of Failure

By Howard Schwartz,  Guest Contributor .  Let's talk about failure.  Many articles have been written about passing the CFA exams. However, since the pass rate is typically below 50%, one would...

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  • LOL (hope LOL is appropriate). Band Four or Band 8, the feeling is similar. I was Band 8 on my LII first attempt last year, clearly failing Ethics and a couple other subjects even though I had >70 on all the subjects that mattered(FRA, Der, CFin, and Equity). The joint regret that if I had passed Ethics and maybe a couple correct answers in some other subjects, I would have passed overall.

    I had bought me a bottle of red wine that day, either ways, to toast to celebrate, or to drink away my sorrow. But 12 months later (being last weekend) I was able prepared to even the scores out with CFAI. And yes, now we wait seventy years for the verdict!
  • I can totally understand how you feel because I might be in a worse situation in 4 or 5 months. I had sacrificed job searching for my CFA Level 1 and now for my Level 2 exam so that I can give it my best. My family is not doing well financially and the money lost would just be a start. That and waiting for a whole year with just a Bachelor's degree (which couldn't land me a good job) and a Level 1 pass tag, while working at a crappy job. Plus all the destroyed hopes of my family. The other day as I took some time out to review subjects that I had studied I realized I could only remember 25% of the portion (even that was vague) and that just shattered my spirit. The pressure on me is so high right now I can't imagine what it would be like to read those dreaded lines 'we regret to inform you ...'. In a way I try to think of those lines as a motivation to never give up. I really hope I pass the Level 2 exam mostly because I wouldn't know what to do if I fail.
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