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Does Kaplan Schweser offer discounts for CFA classes?

I just signed up for the December CFA exam and also would like to take a CFA prep course to keep me on track. The "offers" page for has Kaplan Schweser listed, but there is not actually any offer or discount listed. Also there is a specialized link, but this also does not seem to provide a discount or any special offer (it's the same price as just going to the website for either a study package or a class).

Link to offer page:
Link to Kaplan Schweser:

I was curious about the following:

1) Does Kaplan Schweser offer discounts in general for their in-person CFA classes and if so, what is it usually (10%-20% off or something similar)?

Link to class:

2) Is there any general idea of when these discounts are usually offered? Hypothetical example, for the December exam, discount offers usually start mid June/early July? I'm just curious if I've missed them or they might come soon or not at all.

Any thoughts or advice on this is greatly appreciated! The $1,400 price tag for the class it a bit daunting and any insight on discounts would be greatly appreciated!

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