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Warning: CFA Level III Will Be Fiercely Contested, and the Essay Section Will Be Tough

edited July 2015 in 300 Hours

imageWarning: CFA Level III Will Be Fiercely Contested, and the Essay Section Will Be Tough

How well do you expect to perform in Level III? Since the June exam results, we've covered Level I and Level II extensively. Our analysis broke down the topics' performance, pass/fail differences,...

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  • Just got done with the Level 3 Exam. Thought I would make point related to you 96% stat. I believe that the stat that 96% of test takers do better in the multiple choice section than they do in the essay section is not a result of lack of preparation for the essay section. It's simply a matter of probablility. In reality for all three levels, you really only need to know about half of the material. If you know for sure the right answer for 50% of the test, and guess on the other 50%, since there are only three options for each question, you can expect to get a 67%. So it makes sense that if you know 50% of the material on Level 3 you will get 67% on the multiple choice, but only 50% on the short answer, maybe slightly higher by writing something random, but surely not as high as being able to guess and get 33%. Very few are likely to do better on the essay portion, even if they prepare the same amount. Just a thought.
  • I appeared exam yesterday level 3. What do you think minimum passing score of level 3 this time? I believe 68%.....
  • Minimum passing score of level 3? Too late to assume. :'( 
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