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Opinion on Books/ Study Materials to Use

Kirby18Kirby18 New York / ProvidencePosts: 6 Associate



Im sure this question has been asked many times before and I have done enough research to get a good idea but based off your personal opinions, what are the best books to use to study for CFA Level 1? I have heard Kaplan by many but just wanted to see the communities opinion. Also, and more prominent, would it be possible to get these books at a discounted price? I have wanted to start studying however I am in a bit of a tough decision. I am hoping to take the exam for free through my school next year (I am a rising senior) but I dont want to spend 300+ bucks on the books now when I may be getting them for free in September. I know I need to start studying ASAP but just wanted to know your opinions before making anything final.


Thanks a lot,



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