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Question of the Week - Ethics

exam_whizexam_whiz IllinoisPosts: 68 Sr Associate
edited July 2014 in Level 1 Questions
Simon Leone, CFA, financial analyst at Trinity Investments, provides financial planning and investment advice to large auto companies. Moto Company, the second largest car manufacturer, is planning to renew its IT infrastructure and has sought advice from Simon to finance the project. To better understand the cashflow requirements, Trinity sends Simon the proposal from Diwan Technologies, the company internally selected by Trinity for the project, though the project is yet to be formally awarded. Simon tells her friend, Jack, who handles the IT Sector portfolio about the major contract that Diwan Technologies has secured. Acting on the information, Jack increases his holding of the Diwan Technologies stock. Which of the following statements is/are most likely correct?

Question of the Week - Ethics 47 votes

By divulging information about the project to her friend, Simon violates Standard III (E), preservation of confidentiality
GoggsPiaryleibelshanerfleury 4 votes
By acting on information provided by Simon, Jack violates Standard II (A), material non-public information.
seba216aylouis13Pahtsan 3 votes
Both of the above
ZeehairyfairyRaviVoodaelhealyTobiandrekrugerRoyDHmelendezmaboi_1danvtraderTannorspatel15jcmunoz21jmsatchwellPaulcfa1jvalmazanchmpnarchercraigydLollypollyjak5189 40 votes


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