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Why and How we Created the Best CFA Study Calendar App

jroberts32jroberts32 Santa Monica, CAPosts: 7 Associate

Many of the study apps that are out there currently give you due dates based on their own calculated methodology, and then the app will automatically adjust to how far you are behind.  The problem, as many successful CFA Candidates know, is that as you go through the curriculum you will never catch up and will always be behind.  Thus, the app will adjust into you failing to finish all of the needed material.  The curriculum is massive and candidates need to have the ability to adjust every part of their study guide, not have it adjusted for them.  The solution we came up with is the Analyst Tutorials CFA Study Calendar App.  

Instead of a standard calendar we decided that the best way for candidates to get a handle on the curriculum was to treat it as a project.  There are many project management apps in the market today, so we researched and tested over 20 solutions to find which process worked the best for individuals in staying on top of their tasks.  The solution we found to be the best was Basecamp. Basecamp started in 2005 and now has become the industry standard for project management with 15,000,000 users.  So we decided that we should create the same type of experience for CFA Candidates.  

The CFA Study Calendar App is laid out into four main sections; milestones, to-do lists, activity and study calendar.    The milestones are set up with the major sections of the CFA Curriculum.  Then every milestone has to-do lists and each to-to list has tasks that have to be completed.  Every person has the ability to add and edit milestones, to-do lists and tasks, we just set up a framework that we think is the best approach built on our methodology.  What is our methodology, we simply weighted the time based on how much material you must cover for each milestone.  This is the same methodology that all of the other apps use, so nothing to special, but very straight forward.  The main difference is that every person comes from different backgrounds and will be able to complete sections faster than others, for this reason we have given you full control over your study strategy.   

Enjoy and start studying! The promo ends July 15th.



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