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CFA registeration

This may seem to be a bit silly but there is so much information on CFA website that I am a bit confused now. J have made the account on CFA already. I am planning to start the registration process on monday (I will have my renewed passport by monday). I have a 2 years bachelors and currently I am doing a 3.5 year MBA (its equivalent to MS). My MBA will end by Jan 2015.

Here are some things that I am confused at;
> Is enrollment and registration two different things (If yes do we have to do them separately?)
> How do we give a Professional Conduct statement
> The 2nd fee schedule is 20th Dec 2014. Now I live in Pakistan and will be sending money through some manual means like Western Union. Can someone kindly tell what that deadline means. Is it the last date till I do my online application by, post the money by, CFA processes this money by or actually the whole registeration should have been completed by that date in order for it to come under this date. 
> Lastly, I know that I am eligible for CFA. But in the education section, it says "In progress" and that's for anyone in progress for bachelors or equivalent. And then there is the option of MBA but it has to be completed. So which option do I select?

Thanks for the help.


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