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Khan Academy Relavant for CFA Economics?

TLDR; Are the Khan Academy Economics videos lectures relevant for CFA Level 1 and 2 according to you too? 

Lets presume as few things first. Which are

  1. I like learning from Youtube videos
  2. I had a horrible nerdy economics lecturer(s) compared to my other lecturers everywhere I tried to learn economics
  3. My knowledge of economics is below Level 1 standards more because of (2) than because I am dumb
  4. I would become a better analyst by actually understanding economics starting from the beginning 
  5. I found it hard to grasp economics from CFA study materials because my background economics is so messed up like you won't believe (mainly since 2)

With the above presumptions, is it good or CFA relevant to learn economics from Salman Khan at Khan Academy. Assuming everyone knows what is Khan Academy. The important thing to note here is that, regardless what others say about electronic youtube learning, I find economics being poured to my brain like water being poured gently to a jar from another jar. In other words, I feel liberated that I understand it very well with Khan Academy. Although I know I am only getting a basic understanding. I think it is CFA relevant but what do you think?  

(By the way, the videos about income inequality would not be relevant for CFA for sure)

Please answer and don't just answer to call me a dumbo. 



  • I myself have referred to some videos for topics that I couldn't get my head around like Aggregate Demand and Supply for an economy. The videos are quite helpful but sometimes they use a different context as to what is in the book. That's where the major problem lies because you may find it difficult to align what you've learnt in the video with what's given in the book. But for the most part Level 1 economics isn't very complicated so if those videos are actually helping you then go for it. Just make sure you have the whole concept nailed down to the tiniest details. That way you don't need to memorise or actually study much. It will all flow beautifully.  :)
  • That's a great question @surangasa‌.

    I think it's useful for specific topics that you have trouble with, or a key topic that you're looking to be really proficient in. I don't think that the Khan Academy will have ample topic coverage for you to use it as a complete source.

    I do agree that many YouTube videos these days are very well edited and maximise your attention and learning as a result. So I'd encourage that as much as possible!

  • That's what I thought as well. Its a great way to get the basics set in stone inside my brain. Being thorough with basics, I can go back to the material which was a bit unfathomable before having the basics. That's what I wanted to archive after the said presumptions after all. 

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