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3 Must-Know Tips to Nailing Ethics

edited August 2014 in 300 Hours

image3 Must-Know Tips to Nailing Ethics

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  • kungpow9960kungpow9960 Baltimore, MDPosts: 17 Sr Associate
    I would absolutely second the above suggestion of reading the CFA curriculum for Ethics. Read the whole thing. The questions will typically hinge on knowing the rule well enough to make the reasonable judgment about the case study. I'd say 1/3 of the Ethics questions have no straightforward answer and you'll be guessing. If you know the material and CFAI's interpretation cold, the guess becomes more educated. To that end, I would always start reading one section of the Code & Standards a day until I was done. I think that takes about 20 days (maybe?). If you start now, you can read through the whole thing at least twice, maybe three times. This makes the material digestible but you're also being comprehensive over time. Just my two cents.
  • gaursom83gaursom83 abu dhabiPosts: 1 Associate
    I have already read ethics but when it comes to case study solving I get confused .means I feel it culd be 2 standards instead of one ??some times some jargons like "minimum lot size restrictions " make my understanding wrong please help
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