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Question of the Week - Option Pricing

exam_whizexam_whiz IllinoisPosts: 68 Sr Associate
edited August 2014 in Level 1 Questions
The stock of Angle Industries is currently trading at $60 per share. A 90-day call option on the stock is priced at $7.50. The exercise price of this option is $55. If the applicable risk-free rate of interest is 8%, what is the price of a 90-day put option on Angle Industries with an exercise price of $55?   Use coupon code 300Hours for a 15% discount!

Question of the Week - Option Pricing 28 votes

ZeechristinepolicedogcrimsonmoosejmsatchwellRandallK27eidtawkmaranfckmalone32simply_complex2ghateleytoonervaunfer11aylouis13googs1484thendry7gstyleTheClawAlaricvlpiento 27 votes
Pia 1 vote


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