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IMC - has anyone done it and is it worth it?

Hi there - just looking for some advice on the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) via the CFA society. I have been working in financial services for ~1 year now in sell-side research and have worked for over 8 years in the industry sector which our desk covers before this post a science degree. Given that I have been getting regulatory exams out the way and getting to grips with a new job I am now considering my study options and realise I have missed the cut off for this December's CFA exam (realise it is technically possible but don't want to put myself under too much pressure). Given my level of general financial knowledge is pretty low was thinking it might be a good idea to do the IMC before December then hit level 1 study from January for the June 2015 exam.

Has anyone else done the IMC? Is it worth the effort (~200 hours study is guided)? How much help was it with the CFA? Would people recommend starting study of CFA materials directly from now for June 2015? Is this material available now with the new syllabus?




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