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ALS Challenge

Quick question... who here has done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge yet?

Thankfully I have no friends and haven't been nominated (though I fear my own nomination is looming due to the fella I was discussing it with over dinner on Thursday night was just nominated).

It seems to be like wildfire now, so I wondered how many of us 300 hours'ers have been drenched in freezing cold water so far?


  • I helped someone do it the other day, on the pretext that he should not nominate me. :)
  • I am probably going to sound incredibly uncool when I say this -
    According to me, the ice bucket challenge isn't a good idea. Here's why:

    I think it's awesome that people wish to spread awareness about ALS and want to gather donations for the same. However, I just wish there was a better way of spreading awareness, simply because this challenge involves wasting water, more so now, considering that this idea has gone viral. Yes, I must agree that the idea is proving to be effective, but then we are wasting water, aren't we?

    PS:- I didn't do the challenge. I just donated some money towards it. This is just my personal opinion. Don't kill me! My friends were kind of offended when I put forward my thoughts about this.

    *hides behind a wall*

  • Ive seen an image along these lines Jess...

    Nobody can be blamed for having an opinion and we must all recognise that the opinions of other may not match ours. It's what makes the world the wonderfully diverse place that it is.

    IMO, it's not possible to 'waste water'. It simply gets returned to the water table and will either sink in or evaporate, and turn up somewhere else as rain. It keeps the corporates who then process it and turn it back into drinking water in business. If anything, it's only wasting our money on buying water which we then return to the water table from whence it originally came, and also thus diverts some of our own money to a charity, to which we may not have donated without the challenge.
    There's plenty of people who have donated to other charities close to their heart rather than ALS.
  • SophieSophie Posts: 1,972 Jr Partner
    edited August 2014
    Not at all @jessmat - the world is so interesting and exciting because we all have different,valid opinions. Or else imagine wearing same coloured clothing, having the same hairstyle, or even using the same laptop. Wouldn't politics and football just be boring? :)

    I didn't do the challenge either. I thought it's a great campaign for creating awareness, but a little bit more wary of it after rumours (true or not) about the % of funding that actually goes into research.
  • @Maverick Whoa! I did not think of it that way! Like they say, there is no right or wrong, only perception!  

    @Sophie Aww Sophie! Thank you! Also, just went through that link. I'm glad I didn't unload a bucket of ice on my head and just put a couple of ice-cubes in my drink instead :wink: 
  • MaverickMaverick Abu DhabiPosts: 149 Jr Portfolio Manager
    edited September 2014
    Haha, well done @jessmat‌ you did the "Patrick Stewart" ice bucket challenge (a few cubes in his brandy). In all honesty, I live in one of the hottest countries on earth and am well used to seeing a lot of ice in drinks and elsewhere. I think this is actually one of the few places that actually burns oil to make usable water (desalination).
    Your ice bucket challenge of having a few cubes in your drink is no less valid and you donated to charity. I have no problems with that :smile:

    @Sophie‌, agreed and it seems that a lot is coming out in the wash about how much of the money actually makes it's way to research. Let's hope that newest influx of money makes its way to more projects than has been the case historically.

    Yes I did the challenge, but really just the fun of it and to see how it feels having ice cold water emptied over your head when the ambient temperature to which your skin is being subjected is closer to 45 degrees C. Conclusion... very refreshing (read as bloody cold)!!!!
  • MM12MM12 Amsterdam, the NetherlandsPosts: 58 Jr Portfolio Manager
    I was recently nominated by a friend and accepted the challenge (which in my opinion should be Ice AND Cash :wink: ). Truth be told, compared to the CFA, this challenge was quite easy!
  • Have you ever seen this Australian newsreader? I think he sums it up brilliantly; give where and what you can. All (most) charities are deserving and try not to waste water when others are desperately trying to source it:

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