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Restart Level 2 after very long break

rf1234rf1234 South AfricaPosts: 1 New Hire
I failed CFA Level 2 in 2007 and haven't attempted it since then. I need some advice as to getting ready for the June 2015 exam. I.e. should I go through the level 1 material first again or should I start straight with the Level 2 material?
I would appreciate any advice.
Thanks in advance


  • @marc started L3 after passing L2 about 5 years or so ago. Haven't seen him around the forum much lately but might be worth direct-messaging him.

    But my advice would be to start straight with the L2 material, and refer back to L1 as necessary. If you start with L1 you run the risk of not finishing L2, which is a more serious drawback.

    Also, some providers like Schweser provide a L1 recap book that is supposed to help you get back up to speed with L1 material before you start L2.
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