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Would you consider an MBA?

mikeymikey Hong KongPosts: 79 Jr Portfolio Manager
edited September 2014 in Other
Thinking about it myself and wondering what the rest of you think. Would be good to know your detailed thoughts in the comments as well.

Would you consider an MBA? 7 votes

I already have an MBA
No, I'm not interested
ZeeBeanCounter 2 votes
I'm open to the idea but haven't really considered it
tacheman 1 vote
I'm currently considering it or have thought about it before
mikeyAjFinanceommthreeJakeconomics 4 votes


  • Hey @mikey - tell us more about yourself... what do you currently do, and reasons for doing an MBA?

    I think it's a fab topic :)

  • I'm currently considering it or have thought about it before
    Quite a few colleagues are doing it. I'm in IBD, so it's not like it's crazy-popular like say in consulting, but quite a few have done it, and more are considering (like myself).

    Most people I know that have done it have changed careers, and I think it's quite an attractive proposition at this point. Getting a bit burned out and I think MBA might give me a fresh perspective on what I'd like to pursue.

    Obviously downside is the application process, GMAT, and cost.

  • ommthreeommthree SwitzerlandPosts: 31 Sr Associate
    I'm currently considering it or have thought about it before
    I occasionally think about doing one, but it's the cost (more in terms of loss of earnings than actual outlay) that tends to put me off. Also, I'm getting a bit old for it perhaps. I think the biggest thing people seem to get out of an good MBA programme is a great network. That's the main reason I'd do it. 
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