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Let's be silly!

edited October 2014 in General CFA Topics
Hey guys!

I believe that the human brain is really complex and super twisted. So just the other day, I was reading economics; I was in the "study machine mode" with a cup of coffee by my side and some classical music in the background. Then, all of a sudden, from nowhere, while looking at a graph in the book, I got this thought in my mind: " Why does Schweser have the face of a lady on every book of theirs and why is she always smiling? Has she read, retained and understood the entire CFA Curriculum? How does she do it? Does she put her books/laptop under the pillows and absorb information through osmosis? Damn, I should try that! " 

How about you guys? What are the silly things that you think while studying? It;ll be fun to read what goes on in the mind of a person studying for these exams! So, please do share your crazy thoughts here!


PS: That night, I did put the Book 2 of Schweser Notes under my pillow and went off to sleep. Just wanted you guys to know that no information whatsoever was magically transported into my brain. In case you guys were wondering, osmosis doesn't work, not one bit. I guess only hard work, works! That's why I think, we need such a thread where we can post some of our funny, silly experiences and come back to read it any time we want, for some stress relief or a short break from the formulas and the definitions and the LOS! So post away!!


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