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Are absurdly low mock exam marks a natural thing for first timers?

Hi guys,

For those of you CFA veterans or newbies who have done mock exams or whatnot (under full exam conditions), what were your marks for the first ever mock exam after your revision? And how long you had to study for the exam/whether or not you had other committments (i.e. work/university exams)?

Personally, not making excuses for my horrid marks here, I was preparing for actuarial exams for the past few weeks and I got a mark of 48% on my first mock exam (while i'm sure about 10% of my marks were educated guesses). I know the blogs on 300 hours tells us to focus on the mistakes and make sure they don't occur in the next mock exam, but you can't really help but dwell on your marks.

I know it's probably a really private question to ask, but i would really appreciate the community's contribution to this.

So am I screwed for the December exam?

Thanks for reading!


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