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Estimating the MPS & Band Range for CFA Level I June 2012

edited November 2014 in 300 Hours

imageEstimating the MPS & Band Range for CFA Level I June 2012

Hope you enjoyed the topics analysis of Level I and Level II in the previous posts! This week's Poll also touches on CFA topics. Voice your feedback  and let me know which topics you find the...

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  • DigitalWizardDigitalWizard New EnglandPosts: 30 Sr Associate
    edited November 2014
    It is a statistical impossibility to score a zero without knowing that you are purposefully choosing nearly every wrong answer. Perhaps the "Average Min" should be "Absolute Min" at Zero. If there is a large group writing this test and getting lower than a 33.3%, I just don't understand what happened to them. Apparently their midpoint is 25%, but that is less than randomly filling in the answers. Perhaps that lower slope should flatten out, a sort of "glass floor". Start with 40 as your midpoint and work your way up from there, see if that helps explain things similarly but with a little more cushion towards the 33.3%.
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