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Two Key Factors to Consider When Registering for the CFA Exams

edited April 2013 in 300 Hours
imageTwo Key Factors to Consider When Registering for the CFA Exams

Many candidates make a huge mistake when it comes to registering for their CFA exams. The point of no return, if there is such a thing in the CFA exam process, is when you register for the exams....

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  • Hi , I am 3rd year undergrad in economics at IIT Kharagpur . I plan to give CFA level 1 in dec. I need your advice...
    I have no initial knowledge of finance. Although, I have done some of the quantitative analysis portion and economics portion during my courses at IIT, I have no idea currently about the other 3 books.
    Is it wise to give the exam in dec.? considering the fact that we have a busy and heavy schedule at college...I wont be able to devote more that 3 hrs a day... Also I know that studying continuously during Nov. is must, but I would be having my end sem exams at that time.
    Currently, I plan to study continuously during may-july , since I have summer vacations at that time. I can also do an intern in that period but then I won't if I prepare for CFA...
    Please advice if it is too late or is it possible at this stage...
  • SophieSophie Posts: 2,040 Sr Partner
    edited April 2013
    Hi @Abhinav, not having initial finance knowledge is ok, the point of CFA is to put everyone on the same page. As long as you put the time to learn and study the syllabus, with plenty of practice questions, you should do fine.

    Starting your studies now for Dec would be sufficient time. In terms of your other commitments, you need to plan and schedule them in, try the technique in this post to help set up a sustainable study plan, even with your commitments.

    I did the CFA a few years ago with a hectic 12+ hours full time job, and only studied full time on weekends (and basically had no life). So assess your study schedule along with your other commitments and potential internship to see if you have time to hit 300+ hours of solid studying, then you will have your answer.

    I hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions @Abhinav.
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