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Today (Dec 1, '14) is Day 1 of June '15 Prep


Today is my first day of CFA studying. I am registered for Level 1 next June and excited and anxious to begin this journey.

Attached is my study plan. It includes topics and scheduled hours. I work a flex schedule where I have every other Friday off, which is why there are several hours scheduled on Fridays. I am using Kaplan Schweser study notes (no online class) to prep with the exception of the ethics section which I will review using the curriculum. The study plan is based off Rachel Bryant's book (, which I recommend (I am not affiliated with her in any way, so this is not a plug), and this very useful post by Rob Thakur, CFA (

If time permits I may post a weekly journal-style discussion with updates and interesting tidbits regarding my study progress.

Is that something the community would be interested in?

If anyone else is starting prep around this time please post and let us know. On the off chance anyone on the forum is in the Little Rock, AR area and would like to set up a "progress group" meeting or something along those lines, post below and I'd be happy to make that happen.




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