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order of topics to study using Wiley Elan Guides & CFAI books for level 1


After much consideration, I have decided to go with Wiley Elan Guides to study for level 1 of the CFA and will give it a go for June 2015. I have purchased the self study pack for level 1
and will be upgrading to the platinum review course in January

I have read of various suggested approaches on how to tackle the material. I have a CPA and MBA in finance, so I have decided to start with the video lectures in financial reporting. For those who have used Elan guides for your prep, what do you suggest? 
Per reading I have been told the following: watch elan video -->> read the chapter on the topic area --> do problems from elan guides --> review CFAI text --> attempt ALL problems from the CFAI textbooks --> repeat 

Looking forward to the feedback from the 300hours community!
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