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FREE LESSONS - New, innovative way to learn for CFA Level 1 - Seeking your feedback


I have been developing a new way to teach and prepare people for professional exams.  The central premise behind the idea is that normally, prep for exams like the CFA can be thought of a 'Learn-Forget-Cram-Sit-Forget' process.  I have been working on a way of changing that, so that students can learn the syllabus and at the same time commit the content to their long-term memories, thus enabling them to overcome the Cram-Sit-Forget syndrome, and actually retain content for the long-term.

I would love to get your feedback.  The link here takes you to a page where you can look at a number of prototype lessons from the Level 1 syllabus (Ethics & EPS), and where you can also leave feedback.

Be great to hear what people think.

Kind Regards,

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