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Question of the Week - Economics

AdaptPrepAdaptPrep Des Moines, IA, USAPosts: 211 Sr Associate
edited December 2014 in Level 1 Questions
Which of the following are accurate in an oligopoly with stable equilibrium? I. Marginal revenue is greater than marginal price. II. All companies are producing the same level of output.

Question of the Week - Economics 55 votes

I only
maboi_1darsparksnmaczec_testmgomezbkrishTalkumarbnbhalb691lukehawkAndrisonicskat10ryleibel71hamiltontmcinernyImGoingAllTheWaysophiamullerPicknrollRichie321 18 votes
II only
googs1484k1rupsThomasWsaltman95JakeconomicsAlden520Dathu GaddamBBBjirotaniheath23gcompolongoHugo_Pintoewmsandiegobvanove12Drez07cpark0391Pahtsan 17 votes
Neither I nor II
fabiansparksr2AdaptPrepRoyDdesantolRandallK27Nedopaynec1Slavthendry7mastersavoymellieaventurardxMargotmarianmihaiarhelpathomaspowellarsenal93TheClaw 20 votes


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