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Ranks, and Getting Promoted

christinechristine On the movePosts: 632 Sr Portfolio Manager
edited July 2014 in Other
Ranks are a fun little thing we've added to the 300 Hours Community as a very quick indicator of how awesome a particular member is. The higher the rank, the more active, helpful and insightful a member has been on this forum.

You can always see a commenter's rank in any of their comments or in their profile, right next to their name.

In the Community (and at @sarah's encouragement), we like to envision ourselves as a small but high-performing fund manager. You first join the forum as an New Hire. To get promoted, simply start earning points and you'll soon be rising up the ranks!

The ranks of promotion are as follows:
  • New Hire (new joiner): You're new to the firm, and are attending all the expensive training courses lined up. So far, so good.
  • Associate (2 points): Done with training! You're getting to know the people, and so far everyone's lovely.
  • Senior Associate (50 points): You're settling down. You know all the good coffee machines now.
  • Jr Portfolio Manager (100 points): You've been given a fund to manage. How does it feel like to manage a huge pile of money?
  • Portfolio Manager (250 points): It's getting harder to get promoted, yet you're still doing it. Watch out, finance world!
  • Sr Portfolio Manager (500 points): You gain mysterious abilities...
  • Jr Partner (1,000 points): You've joined the upper echelons of finance, reserved for the select few.
  • ???: No one has earned this yet...

As you can see the ranks are unfinished, so we'll update this list as we progress!


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