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Question of the Week - Financial Reporting and Analysis

AdaptPrepAdaptPrep Des Moines, IA, USAPosts: 211 Sr Associate
edited January 2015 in Level 1 Questions
Medialink is an American company specializing in business intelligence consulting. One of Medialink's current project is a 2-year commitment with Isotics, with a total estimated revenue of $2.0 million and estimated cost of $1.0 million. Costs are expected to be spread out evenly over each month. After the first month, under IFRS, Medialink's recognized revenue is expected to be closest to:

Question of the Week - Financial Reporting and Analysis 75 votes

thendry7Golhingcompolongoduyhg99Baz_DpabulumsAlegriasulsAnastasiaAlex 9 votes
Zeesparksr2AdaptPrepmaboi_1darsparksPRASHLollypollykrishTalkumarbngoogs1484saltman95MahajrichFxBigDogEQ_Arbitrageaventuratjv123JgreigYeshankMargot 36 votes
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