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CFA Level II in June

Hi all! I cleared my Level 1 this December, and while I am super happy, I have doubts about taking L2 in June. I am currently actively looking for work - a full time job and my top most priority right now. However, I also understand having recently taken L1, it will be easier and faster for me to refresh my concepts for L2. Moreover, if I don't take L2 this year, I have to wait a whole next year. So,
1. Should I take L2 this year?
2. Is it too late to start studying for L2?
3. Elan or Kaplan? I am inclined towards the former. I did the Elan mock exams for L1, and was quite happy with those.
Thoughts anyone?


  • I'm going for Level 2 in June 2015 with Kaplan. I'm not working atm nor am I looking for a job so I think I can manage it. There's no point waiting till 2016 because well ... there's just no point. Anyways 4 months of prep with a job isn't really recommended I feel but it's up to you. You usually need 6 months if you have a job.
  • EffEssEffEss FrankfurtPosts: 6 Associate
    As soon as I received the results yesterday, I ordered the Schweser package and today I'll sign up for L2 at the CFA institute. I know that it's going to be tough working full time and with just those 4 month to go, but what's the downside? I just consider the chance of passing for more worth at least trying it than the chance of failure.

    As for the prep material I like the Schweser stuff as it helped me preparing for L1 quite well.
  • BruceBruce VirginiaPosts: 6 Associate
    Congratulations to all on your success!  I also learned yesterday that I cleared L1 from Dec 2014 and have registered to take the Jun 2015 L2 exam.  Why not stay in the studying mode and build on what you did to pass L1?  I am using Kaplan materials, CFA curriculum, and Irfanullah as supplement.  You can find link to Irfanullah on CFA website under candidate resources as a CFA approved provider.  He has many free videos on youtube and offers some very reasonable study materials that are direct and to the point.
  • I'm going to start studying today since my books just came in, so I hope its not too late lol. I loved the Elan material, I thought the mocks were tougher than Schweser's and the actual exam.
  • AnkitaAnkita TorontoPosts: 37 Associate
    Thanks everyone. I am taking the exam in June too. Its tough but not impossible, and definitely does not hurt to try. Sticking with Kaplan this time. Will most probably invest in the Elan mock exams. All the best everyone :)
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