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6 Points To Remember When Negotiating A Salary Raise

edited March 2015 in 300 Hours
image6 Points To Remember When Negotiating A Salary Raise

By Sophie It's ironic that we're never taught about negotiations in classes. I suppose it was something where actual practice is needed, but it certainly helps to have some guidelines or emphasis on...

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  • These are great tips. My very first job, I did not negotiate really at all. When I later realized my value and what others are paid, I saw my mistake in not negotiating. This left me feeling fairly negative about my job. Something to keep in mind is to assess your own motivations/emotions about the issue, as that can hamper the process. It seems people are either greedy or fearful going into this kind of process. If you're being greedy it'll come through and the person you're talking to may be resisting that feeling they get from. You can negotiate a big salary without greed or a feeling of entitlement being the motivation. Being fearful can come from a lot of directions, but one key thing to combat that is to realize that your salary is a mutually beneficial agreement. Your salary should adequately compensate and motivate you to perform and in return your employer receives the benefits of your efforts. I like what Sophie said, its a partnership.
  • Great article! I wish that compensation was more of an open topic. It seems as though its almost taboo to bring up compensation at all little lone actually discuss potential issues. Each company is probably different. I feel as though I had to opportunity to negotiate my salary coming into the company but have never had the chance since and get the impression it wouldn't be received well if I tried now.
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