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CFA Level I Topic Picks

ZeeZee London - UKPosts: 1,532 Jr Partner
edited January 2014 in CFA Level I
This is an evolving post of useful CFA topics discussions for Level I. As new and awesome discussions are created, I will be continually adding them here to create a quick reference guide for Level I members to dive straight in!
Topic AreaTopicDescription
GeneralChanges in Level I from 2012 to 2013@TacheMan shares his findings on syllabus changes from 2012 to 2013.
GeneralEasiest CFA Topics@Diya asks everyone which topics they love in Level I.
GeneralEOC Questions are harder/easier than the actual exam?@Nabeel looks at end-of-chapter questions from CFAI.
GeneralHardest CFA Topics@hairyfairy ponders the toughest topics in Level I.
GeneralLevel 1 exam prep, weightings by study readings@mitch895 looks at L1 topic weightings.
GeneralNPV/IRR Calculator Questions@CFA_redemption_12713 goes through a NPV/IRR question.
GeneralTest Prep and Test Day practical tips@channing_cox shares test-day and test-taking tips.
GeneralYou Passed Level 1. What Do You Wish You Knew?@lulu123 finds out from past exam takers what they wish they knew beforehand.
DerivativesMargin calls: futures vs equities@KawiGreen asks - what are the differences between equity and future margin calls?
DerivativesOption Pricing@SidMenon helps clarify the relationship between an option's exercise price and its relative value.
DerivativesSwap Markets and Contracts@SidMenon asks how an interest rate swap can be used to hedge an interest rate risk.
EconomicsLabor, capital and technology@ajost14 looks at the relationship between all 3 economic factors.
EconomicsPrice Ceilings@AJFinance clarifies when does a price ceiling become effective.
EconomicsProblem with a question from Q-Bank@Chevalier investigates an example of trades between countries.
EconomicsShort Selling and Market Efficiency@sidmenon finds out why prohibition of short selling creates market inefficiency.
EquityDiluted EPS - Mock Exam Question - Why is my answer wrong?@ajost14 goes through a question on diluted EPS.
EquityQuestion on Reading 49 (Equity Securities)@edulima asks a question about common shareholders and differences with preferred shareholders.
EquitySustainable Growth Rate@lulu123 walks through a sustainable growth rate exam question.
EquityValuing a preferred stock@lulu123 values a preferred stock.
EthicsComposite vs Mutual Funds in GIPS@bendujamin asks if mutual funds and composites get the same treatment in GIPS.
EthicsEthics: material non public vs independent and objectivity@aanchalb goes through an Ethics question with some confusing answer options.
FRAAccelerated Depreciation as a Tax ShieldHow does accelerated depreciation acts as a tax shield? @TacheMan investigates.
FRACalculation of Equity for ROEWhat numbers do you use from the balance sheet? @sidmenon investigates.
FRADeferred Tax Assets and Deferred Tax LiabilitiesStruggling with understanding both? @Maroon5 helps clarify this.
FRAFIFO/LIFO@Snippy asks if we should use conceptual or calculation approaches when assessing some LIFO/FIFO differences questions.
FRAFinancial Leverage FactorsHow does issuing common stock influence financial leverage? @policedog goes through the reasoning.
FRAFRA - Dilutive securities@Snippy goes through a question on dilutive securities.
FRAHow do one account for warrants emission in the balance sheet?@huwabara asks 'On the asset side, we add the proceeds to the cash. On the liability side, what do we do?'
FRAIFRS vs GAAP for Level-1@RaviVooda shares his key learnings on IFRS vs GAAP.
FRAImpairment vs EBITDA@huwabara clarifies an issue in FRA
FRAInventory/Sales Ratio@GraemeA asks 'when inventory/sales is rising or falling, what stage of the business cycle is the economy in?'
FRANon-controlling Interest, How Does It Work?@Dan ponders the exact definition of non-controlling interest, and how it should be reported in the income statement.
FRAPerpetual vs periodic inventory system@lulu123 investigates the effect on COGS and gross margin is for perpetual system vs. periodic system.
FRARevenue, sales, turnover, net income, EBITDA questions@policedog investigates the differences between several terms.
FRAUnderstanding Balance Sheet Revenue Recognition@SidMenon goes through an example and nuances of recognizing different revenue types in the balance sheet.
FRAUS GAAP & IFRS Differences@Dan helps compile a list of GAAP and IRFS differences in one handy place.
QuantKurtosis Calculations@lulu123 asks if kurtosis calculations are really necessary...?
QuantQM - Answer Explanation Re Time Value@GraemeA goes through a time value question.
QuantQuantitative Methods - Distribution of Returns Example Question@SidMenon runs through a particularly confusing question.
QuantQuants - Impulse Wave and Corrective Wave@Snippy dives into the Elliot Wave theory.
QuantQuants: Study Session 3, LOS 9.i@peekabooitsme looks at a uniform distribution question.
QuantSettling Kurtosis Once and For All@hairyfairy discusses leptokurtic and platykurtic distributions and why the tails seem counterintuitive.
QuantVIX and Contrarian Strategy@lulu123 reconciles her understanding as to why extremely high VIX levels are considered bullish by contrarians.
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