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CFA Level III Topic Picks

ZeeZee London - UKPosts: 1,531 Jr Partner
edited January 2014 in CFA Level III
This is an evolving post of useful CFA topics discussions for Level III. As new and awesome discussions are created, I will be continually adding them here to create a quick reference guide for Level III members to dive straight in!
Topic AreaTopicDescription
GeneralEssay and Itemsets@vincentt gets some tips on topics in essays and itemset formats.
GeneralIPS Inflation Rate@Ajfinance clarifies the role of inflation in required real return in IPS questions.
GeneralMy Level 3 Tips@MattyJ - having passed Level 3, shares his L3 tips!
GeneralPractice Exams! Who Wants Practice Exams!@marc shares an archive of (mostly) Level 3 practice exams available from CFA Institute.
GeneralSchweser for Level III@jimmyg wonders if it is as effective as it was for Levels I and II.
Alt InvestmentsConvenience YieldCFA questions can be tricky, as @lakshya25 finds out in this commodity forwards and futures question.
Behavioural FinanceInvestor Types@marc asks if we really need to commit all investor types to memory.
Capital Market ExpectationsTobin's Qonfusion@padniaki questions what is Tobin's q, and why it seems to be contradictory when viewed at firm and market level.
DerivativesDerivative Formula Memorization Needed?@marc wonders what we all do at Level III - how much do we need to know about the various derivative types?
EthicsGIPS Recommendations vs RequirementsHow does GIPS get tested? @marc discusses possibilities.
EthicsGIPS Carve Outs@AJFinance investigates the cash allocation component of carve outs in GIPS.
EthicsLevel 3 Reading 1 - CODE OF ETHICS AND STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT@sankrutimehta shares her tips on L3 Ethics.
FRAMy question is by reducing the weightage of tax exempt accounts how can returns be increased??@Aswin clarifies another FRA tax issue.
Portfolio MgmtHow to Tackle IPS Questions?@lakshya25 meets the Level III million-dollar question head on, and @Sophie rises epicly to the occasion. If you're Level III, you must read this!
Portfolio MgmtLinking Pension Liabilities to Assets@AJFinance thinks about nominal and real return bonds as pension investments.
Portfolio MgmtLong & Short Positions in Interest Rate and FX Swaps@artyeasel clears up what exactly are the long and short positions of these swaps.
Portfolio MgmtNegative Duration and Positive Duration in Swaps and MBSFor principle-only and interest-only MBS, why do they have +ve and -ve durations respectively? @adossa3 finds out.
Portfolio MgmtRetail IPS - Return objective calc@adossa3 asks a question on return requirements.
Portfolio MgmtThe Ultimate Guide to Int. Investor IPS@sophie shares lessons learnt in Institutional Investor IPS questions.
Portfolio MgmtWhy is the 30,000 support to sporting league not considered as expense and net PMT will become 5000?@Aswin goes through a wealth management question example.
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