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June '15 Level I Prep Update

As I wrap up another set of q-bank questions, I think it is a good time to update the forum on my progress in preparing for the upcoming Level I exam this June. I will list study sessions covered, number of q-bank questions answered, and my scores on said questions. All questions are Schweser q-bank.

I have prepped for approximately 155 hours. That number is likely a bit conservative and the actual number may be closer to 175. It looks like I will have around 300 hours finished by test day. Please, share your thoughts, thanks.

Topic - # of ?'s - Score

Ethics - 50 - 72.0%

Quant - 135 - 83.0%

FRA - 140 - 73.6%

Corp Fin - 105 - 81.9%

Port Mgt - 80 - 77.5%

Equity Inv - 165 - 82.4%

Fixed Inc - 170 - 78.2%

Deriv - 45 - 89%

Alt Inv - 41 - 70.7%

TOTAL - 931 - 79.2%

Honestly, I feel pretty good about where I stand. If anything I feel like I have gotten relatively far in only ~150 hours of studying. I plan on hitting Ethics and FRA one more time by April 11, then I will have everything covered once and I will begin practice exams and reviewing areas that need better scores.

Anyone in a similar situation? Has anyone been in a similar situation? Input is appreciated.




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