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What Schweser material do you recommend?

I just registered for the CFA level 1 in December. I am graduating in May.

I have been doing a lot of research in to the different study materials to use. To me the most recommended study material is Schweser. I have been looking at them but there are a lot of different packages/add ons and none of them are cheap.

Which package did you use and which one would you recommend?


  • Does anyone have any insight for me on this? I want to purchase my study material soon.
  • For Level 1 I used mainly Schweser, but for Level 2 I am using the CFAI curriculum books exclusively. Schweser was good for Level 1 as it condenses a lot of material and presents it in a much less verbose manner, however I feel it is MUCH less useful for level 2.

    With regards to which package to get - for me, that would depend on who is paying for it. If you are paying for it yourself then I would be more selective in which actual package I bought. In my opinion, you really don't need any of the "add ons" like flash cards and videos etc.

    You can do fine with the core package of the study guides, and the practice exam books (6 full length 120 question exams).

    Other than those two core products, you should consider getting the Q-Bank (question bank) too, as it is perfectly suited to testing level 1 concepts. It contains 1000s of questions you can search through and build "practice tests" from by subject/difficulty etc.

    So yeah, to summarise - unless you REALLY REALLY want the videos (I think they are a bit of a waste of time as they are far too passive in their learning style), then just stick to the study notes, the practice exam books and the Q-Bank. :smiley: 
  • Schweser books are good. I've used them for all 3 levels. Not a huge fan of the videos or Qbank. Surprisingly I like their secret sauce book also. I found Schweser books and CFAI EOC questions to be a good enough combo for me.

  • Agreed. I find their long notes (5 volumes) to be solid, the secret sauce can be helpful but I think other providers do a better job with that...Also their mock exams are good practice and pretty good value. Note, their notecards are AWFUL. They just print out pieces from their notes, so they're not really "notecards" in any constructive question/answer type of way.
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