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Need some tips on study techniques for L1 Economics!!!

Hello Everyone!

At first, hope all are doing great!

I know many of you be busy preparing for upcoming June exam. So i wouldn't want to take much of your time.

I just needed to know if anybody could help me out with L1 economics? I'm finding the content too overwhelming. Feels like i will never finish on time!!! :s
I've just registered for Dec'15 exam and thought would start with Economics as i always liked it in my undergrad. I'm using the technique to read and understand a topic/reading 1st and then making summarized notes on it so that i may not forget. But then now looking at the content of it really scaring me off as there is so much of theory !! And one more thing is that am using the eBook, not the hard copy.

So can anybody plz help me with any better or modified study techniques? I feel that only reading and understanding the content alone maynot help me as i might forget them at the end of every topic/reading.

Much needed help.

Thanks in advance!

Oh...yes....all the best to all the June candidates! :)


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