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One Simple Tweak to Becoming More Disciplined in Your CFA Prep

edited April 2015 in 300 Hours
imageOne Simple Tweak to Becoming More Disciplined in Your CFA Prep

CFA Dates & Deadlines

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  • mvibsmvibs ColoradoPosts: 12 Associate
    I have been using this strategy. Even on days where I don't want to study, I force myself to open the book and sit down and try. Most of the time that is enough to get over the hump. I've had a few 5-10 minute days (Friday afternoons are the toughest for me). But as you said, the less you worry about time, and just start going the better. I record the hours on each day of a calendar, I think that works as well.
  • Well I've had the privilege of having the 300 hours study plan at my disposal. I know the minimum that I have to complete everyday and usually manage to complete more than the minimum. Everyday before I start I mark the page until where I have to reach (16 pages per day). I even divide my time throughout the day into morning, noon and late afternoon and make sure I get the 4 hours (as calculated by the planner) everyday which will eventually take me to 300 HOURS! Basically I always like to be super organized and have a detailed time table with deadlines. I guess the fear of falling back on the deadline always motivates me and so far in my Level 2 prep I've failed the deadline only once but now I'm back on track. It's strange but yeah the fear of failure is what gets me through. Every time I think I don't feel like studying I think of opening that dreaded email and reading the words 'We regret to inform you ...' and then having to wait a whole year.
  • 'Just start' is the key. Don't build it in your head that starting is a big deal. I've seen people say 'oh, I need to get to the right place, get my perfect cup of coffee, my lucky pencil, be on my favorite chair, THEN I'm starting. These guys usually aren't going to make it.
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