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Final Month Slog

So I just wrapped up the CFA curriculum today and I averaged about 67% in the Kaplan Schweser subject wise Self Tests over the passed 3-4 months. I've been planning on a study plan for this last month so that I can cover one good revision and a few Practice Papers. I've only had one thorough reading of the whole portion so far.

So here's the plan:
My Kaplan Curriculum notes have about 1550 pages so I've decided to revise about 100 pages everyday which should get done in about 15 or 16 days. Starting from tomorrow (8th May) leading up until 22nd May which is 15 days.

From 23rd onwards I'm planning on doing practice papers and corrections. I'm going to be following a sort of 3 day split (sort of like a workout routine) where I will answer 2 sessions of practice papers with corrections on two days and on the third day I'll go back to the notes to study the mistakes I made and cover any rough patches.

For example 23rd - Morning Session. 24th - Afternoon Session. 25th - Corrective Studying. Then repeat this cycle again on the 26th. With this I should complete 4 full practice papers by the 3rd of June.

Please rate my plan and do provide any suggestions especially on whether I should weight more time to revision or practice papers or do any other tweaks which can improve my overall performance on the exam. Thanks


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