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Average Practice Exam Scores

So what is the average practice exam score you guys have got for the Level 2 exam and which exam were you using? Also how much did you guys score on the actual exam? (if you've answered it)

Personally I'm averaging around 68% after 3 full Kaplan Schweser exams. I know I have to beat 70% but should this score be worrying or do I need just a little more practice?


  • I'm averaging around 75-85% on Schweser mocks and got 76% on the CFAI 2015 mock.
  • On Level 2? That's amazing! CFAI mocks are always harder I feel.
  • Prosper0Prosper0 PraguePosts: 25 Sr Associate
    edited June 2015
    75% on 3 full Schwesers + 66% on Wiley. Wiley was tough, but also, I was caught completely offguard by some ptf management questions + it didn't load picture with interest rate trees in the vignettes at all.

    Overall, it's not too bad, but not ideal either and I'll definitely spend the week ironing out the weak areas. I'll also do the CFAI mock this week.

    @Stuj79 That's definitely impressive!

    @RoyD To answer your question, if you have Schweser, I would definitely look into the performance tracker to see your weak spots.
  • Well Fixed Income, Economics and Alternative Investments are my weak areas. I've covered Economics quite well but Fixed Income seems to be a problem. I don't care about AI because it's just worth studying so much for such few marks.
  • averaged 53% on schweser, actuarial exams are absolutely eating up my time. just going to go into the exam on saturday and yolo it.
  • @Prosper0 cheers :) I'm relatively happy with where I am at and feel like if the "right" questions come up on the exam I'll do ok....however if the "wrong" questions come up then I'm fully aware it could knock my scores down into the fail band. 

    Its hard to feel overly confident for L2 for so many reasons 

    Throughout L1 I never felt like I had any doubt....but that feelings well and truly gone haha

    Good luck to everyone for Saturday!! Not long until we get our freedom back at least...
  • @Stuj79 you're scoring 75-85% and not feeling safe? That scares me even more lol. Well I took another test today and scored 75 and 73 %. Still not feeling anywhere close to comfortable. Really hope the actual exam is easier than Schweser. Btw do you feel the CFAI mock is a must answer test? There are just 3 more days before the exam and I was wondering if I should do that or just do some last minute revision.
  • Prosper0Prosper0 PraguePosts: 25 Sr Associate
    edited June 2015
    Yeah actually, I'd be also curious - I have set tomorrow for that.

    On a similar note - I remember that CFAI mock test for Level 1 had some overlap with individual practice questions also in the Candidate resources section on the CFAI website. Is it the same case for Level 2?

    I am asking because I took quite a few of those practice questions for L2 this year...
  • RoyD said:
    @Stuj79 you're scoring 75-85% and not feeling safe? That scares me even more lol. Well I took another test today and scored 75 and 73 %. Still not feeling anywhere close to comfortable. Really hope the actual exam is easier than Schweser. Btw do you feel the CFAI mock is a must answer test? There are just 3 more days before the exam and I was wondering if I should do that or just do some last minute revision.
    Should definitely do the CFAI one @RoyD!
  • The online practice test questions are basically taken from previous mocks (I have done 2012 and 2014 so know this for a fact) - where as the questions in the 2015 mock don't show up in the online practice assessments.

    I would say that it is absolutely critical that you do the CFAI 2015 mock - I mean this is the most up to date full mock, written by the very people who have written the test we will sit on Saturday. In my view - you can't get more bang for your buck than that.

    If you havn't done it already - do it NOOAAAWWW!! ;)

    Seriously though, I really think it should be done. Be warned it's a bit of a toughie for sure!
  • Yes I know. Level 1 Mock Exam was a killer. Just feel bad because I'm kind of sure I'm going to get a bad mark and then that's going to hamper my confidence. But I guess I'll try and complete it tomorrow.
  • Prosper0Prosper0 PraguePosts: 25 Sr Associate
    Yay, 78 and 67 from the CFAI mock today, so 72,5 overall! Better than i expected to be honest:).
  • So I finished the morning session (untimed) I must have spent maybe an extra 30 mins max. But Damn was it crazy. Some of the topics like Econ, Fixed Income and PM were so easy whereas FRA and Equity were insane. Anyways I ended up scoring 67%. A lot of educated guessing but I left out stuff I was completely blank on so that I could get a justified score.
  • rhuang2rhuang2 Bloomington, ILPosts: 19 Associate
    Have you guys done all the CFA institute exercises online (those that requires amortizing good will or intangible asset)? I find some of those beyond difficult and almost impossible unless I'm an accountant. Compare them to Kaplan's Qbank and mocks, the latter seems like a joke as I can pretty much get about 70-80 consistently for the Kaplan stuff. Wonder how difficult the real exam is gonna be..... sigh..... 
  • RoyDRoyD MumbaiPosts: 175 Jr Portfolio Manager
    edited June 2015
    From Level 1 experience the CFAI mocks were a lot more difficult than the actual exam as well as the KS mocks. Hope that's the case again because the mocks have really been difficult.
    I got 67% in the morning and 53% in the afternoon session. Totally dented my confidence!
  • ralu14ralu14 Boston, MAPosts: 35 Associate
    I agree with that statement, RoyD and I hope that's the case for Level II as well. I also get frustrated with myself because I made stupid mistakes like missing one piece of info or one time period. On the actual exam I will be more focused. :)
  • Wow, you guys are hitting some pretty good scores.  Let's hope that conditions (and questions) tomorrow are favourable.  I've calculated that (as of yesterday) I'm around 7 questions off (what I would consider to be) a likely pass, and around 12 off making it over the finish line with room to breath.  I think that's one of the "fun" things about the test - even if you know the stuff back to front you could still turn up on the day and be thrown a curve-ball.   Anyway, a few hours of study/review and a pre-test injection of caffeine tomorrow morning and I just might get over the line.  If not I've got a brilliant base for sitting the test next year :smiley: 

    Good luck everyone :)

  • ralu14ralu14 Boston, MAPosts: 35 Associate
    Good luck everyone! Break a leg! 
  • edited June 2015
    Last year i did a lot of practice tests for level 2 and was pretty much always in a 68-80 range (rarely hitting 80).  Come test day i passed with highest band in i think 9 or the 10 categories.  The exam for level 2 is much different than what you practice, and i was able to thrive on the exam as the exam is more of an exercise in problem solving in my opinion, and a lot of the practice stuff was focused on trying to see if you remember each and every piece of information you were taught, and if you were able to decipher what on earth they were trying to ask on the question (I am referring to both Schweser especially but CFAI also had some head scratchers).  The actual exam didn't do that for the most part, and everything was quite straight forward (refreshing) but the difficulty level was high, and the ability to pick up the clues and work through multiple steps (Accounting for example) to arrive at the answer was the key to doing well.  So just keep doing the practice tests (still time for a few today!) as each test will better prepare you for what is to come on Saturday.

  • Well that's a bit of a relief. As long as the actual exam is not more difficult than any KS mock I feel I can do well. I've averaged 69 on KS mocks with one outlier being 60% on one session. Besides that I've scored mostly between 65-75% on 4 complete exams. I've realized my head gets a lot more muddled up in Level 2 while answering an exam to the point where I overlook very obvious things and even go to the extent of getting the right answer but marking the wrong box! I don't mind it being a little difficult but I really need it to be straightforward.

    Anyways I decided to do a super quick revision today of the whole portion. Not sure if I'll be able to finish but it will sure give me some confidence.
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