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Portfolio management - Playing with words!

Prosper0Prosper0 PraguePosts: 25 Sr Associate
edited June 2015 in CFA Level II
Look, I find the questions and the whole terminology related to the  last chapter of the curriculum frustratingly vague and ambigious. To me, it's mostly playing with words.

Specifically this Above/below average vs average ability to take risk- how the heck do you tell the difference? I mean if you have 3 options - above, avg, below, it's so easy to misstep. Much better would be if they were intervals or there was reasoning added (i.e.Zee's ability to take risk is above average because...).

Similarly with the right investment strategy... Maybe I just need to reread the chapter:-/.

Do you have any hints or mnemonic tools to identify the right buzzwords to help pinpoint the right one?

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