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CFAI Mock Exam

edited June 2015 in CFA Level I
Took the AM and PM CFAI mocks today:

70% in the AM, 68% in the PM, 69.2% overall

Would like to have scored a little better, but after reviewing them I'll know the areas I need to give that extra bit of polish for exam day.

Impression of CFAI vs. Schweser: AM session had a lot less calculation than the typical Schweser exam. Also, questions relating to bonds were much more straightforward on CFAI than Schweser. Schweser makes you jump through loop after loop with two or three TVM calculations on each one, CFAI's were basic.

Does anyone know how to view your scoring by topic?

Let's finish strong these next few days and knock it out Saturday.

-Le Chiffre


  • Strange that you found the CFAI mocks easier. Maybe they've changed it. In December it was crap because they had questions repeated from the earlier practice questions and it was still quite tough. I'm even finding the Level 2 one tougher than KS. Anyways your score is pretty good. I think you'll pass it.
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