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How to Prepare for the CFA Exam with an Incredibly Busy Life

edited June 2015 in 300 Hours

imageHow to Prepare for the CFA Exam with an Incredibly Busy Life

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  • tolstoitolstoi LondonPosts: 2 Associate
    Oh come on, its L1, if you have any finance background (which I guess an MBA is), then its doable in 3 weeks if you don't work (thats what I did very comfortably as was unemployed) or about 6 if working full time.

    EOC + Schweser practice + Mocks + Past Papers. Rince, repeat. Don't even bother reading the CFA books as way too much irrelevant text, that doesn't get tested in the exam (esp. quantitative methods)

    L2 is the monster, which I don't think would be possible to do under those circumstances, unless you're a mad genius.
  • CFA-ing with young kids is no easy task, L1 or not. with a full time job, kids, and extracurriculars, that's impressive.
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