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Schweser Qbank is way easier than CFAI EOC questions? Should I be concerned?

I'm studying for level I in December, and it has become very clear to me that the end of chapter problems in the CFA Institute books are substantially more difficult than the equivalent questions in Schweser's QBank. Obviously I review what I don't know as I go through the CFAI EOC problems, but are the actual test questions on the exam going to be more like EOC problems or are the QBank questions pretty close to difficulty on the actual exam?
It would make sense that the exam will more closely reflect the official material's questions, but I'm hoping someone could shed some light on the topic. I don't want to be wasting my time with the QBank if they aren't going to prepare me for the test.



  • Firstly, you definitely need to be able to answer the CFAI EOC questions so carry on with them as you are. Secondly, as I remember the Qbank questions can be set to either "easy", "medium" or "advanced" difficulty level. I found the Qbank to be useful to drill concepts and it definitely helped me to pass the exam but I only ever used it on the more "advanced" difficulty setting.

    The Qbank is easier than the CFAI EOCs and also slightly easier than the actual exam (in my opinion) but its definitely worth hammering the Qbank questions....they will undoubtedly help you on the real exam.

    Use the Qbank as you go through the material and then hammer the Schweser and CFAI mock exams with about 1 a 1.5 months to go before the real exam. That should set you up for a solid pass.
  • aniruddhsinhaniruddhsinh ahmedabadPosts: 2 Associate
    schweser question would be damn easy compared to CFAI curriculum questions.But schweser's practice exams are unbiased estimator of actual exam questions.So,your focus should be on schweser's practice exams,not on question banks.
  • The questions are easy, but they help to cement understanding of the concepts, at least they helped in my case. I used to casually do the qbank questions at work or when my head was fully saturated.

    That said, need to emphasize the importance of doing all the CFAI EOC questions!
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