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Bloomberg Level I CFA Exam Prep: A Smarter Approach to Study for the Digital Age

edited July 2015 in 300 Hours

imageBloomberg Level I CFA Exam Prep: A Smarter Approach to Study for the Digital Age

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  • edited July 2015
    Interesting. I was thinking of taking the BAT a few months back: looks like Bloomberg are going into the education biz big time. Good for candidates, although I hope they'll come out with something for L3 before my time comes...
  • Choices for candidates just keep improving, big change from just a few years back.

    How about when I'd like to learn offline though? For example, in my office where lots of websites are restricted? Are there properly formatted printouts available?
  • ArbitrageurArbitrageur Orange CountyPosts: 32 Jr Portfolio Manager
    Kaplan is going to need to step their game up (maybe they can finally make use of that Stella acquisition's IP). Wish this was around when I took Level I.
  • ensenmasonensenmason Los AngelesPosts: 38 Associate
    Any word on when or if they'll be coming out with a level 2 version?

  • @ensenmason I think the response to their initial L1 product will determine how quickly they'll invest in L2 and L3. This is unfortunately a common approach for all providers entering the CFA market.
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