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study session order for MAXIMUM effectiveness for lv.1

I have completed Ethics and FRA. Initially was thinking of completing the first 2 readings of quant (readings 5 and 6) and then moving on to Corporate Finance and onwards and then finishing up with the remainder of quant and econ.

However, I figured to ask the 300hours community as what would be a ‘better’ order for better effectiveness of studying.

Given that I have completed Ethics and FRA to date, what do you think of the following order:

Equity –> Derivatives –> Alternative Investments

Quant readings 5-6 (TVM, DCF)

Corporate Finance –> Portfolio Management –> Fixed Income

Remainder of Quant


Am using Elan/Wiley videos to go through the study guides. Find their videos very useful to date (Olinto & Bassit are awesome) and keeps the studying active.

Feedback much appreciated! 


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